Why choose me for your real estate needs?

  • If you review my history on my profile, you will see that I specialize in client services.  With each client my goal is to develop great relationships and personally exceed their expectations of what type of service they are accustomed to.  Personalized attention and my full committment to helping achieve your real estate goals is what I deliver.
  • When you select me as your Realtor, you get me.  Your calls are not outsourced nor does a team of assistants take over.  You selected me for the service I provide you, and you will see I will be the person you always interact with.  I will be the person holding your open house.  I will be the person providing you feedback on each showing.  If you are shopping for homes, I will be the one who shows you the homes you want to see.
  • Putting together and closing a real estate sale involves many different parties.  My job is to manage the process for you and ensure everyone is prepared for the closing.  If you refer back to my experience, you will recall I have consistently led teams and managed services.  Having previously been accountable for a staff of up to 165 people and management of 700 hotel rooms daily, you can confidently count on me to lead us into a smooth and successful closing, as well as meeting your goals for housing needs.
  • Whether you are buying or selling a home, if you want personal and attentive service combined with the latest technology, you can rest easy knowing you selected me. 

Remember, Real Estate is a service.  You deserve and will always get my best!